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About the ETA View on the Waypoints Map

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

ETA and Distance to be traveled are displayed on the ETA View in the Waypoints Map Page
ETA View on the Waypoints Map

ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) indicates the amount of time that is likely to be taken to reach from the Start Point to the End Point of your Route, via the Waypoints, if you travel continuously without a break.

To this ETA, you'd need to add the planned time at each Waypoint, to know the estimated total time for your trip.

When you add a new Waypoint, the Route is updated to pass through the new Waypoint. This also updates the ETA and Distance to be traveled.

The ETA that you see today is likely to change on the day and at the time of trip. It's based on real time traffic and incidents data, as well as historical data available with TomTom.


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