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Make a Travel Journal on your Outdoor Adventure travels

Jotting down memories and including photos of your adventure travels are great ways to document your vacation. But with a Travel Journal, you can do more – keep experiences alive in written stories and capture fav moments in sketches and paintings in vivid colors! Learn how to start your own travel journal and make the most of your outdoor adventure travel memories.

What you’ll need to start with, in your Travel Journal app

A backpacker sitting on a sloping mountain summit, taking notes and making journal entries in her travel log. With snow capped mountains in the background, the view is breathtaking and sketch worthy for her travel notebook.

Before you get started, make sure you have all the tools necessary for creating your travel journal.


  • Learn about the features of Routespunkt Hiking Grid Diary app, documented in this website

  • Based on your requirements, subscribe to a relevant plan - to use the map, or the photo filter feature or just the colored canvas background - for illustrating your memorable adventure stories

  • You’d want your travel story articles to be available many years from now. Choose to save your articles in your iCloud drive, to be independent of your current mobile device

  • Writing your travel story is a great experience on an iPad - write in your own handwriting on the app’s canvases, using an Apple Pencil

  • Drawing line art or doodles, sketching your trip's scenic places and adding watercolors to paint a stunning illustration, the experience of using the app's canvases is surreal. Use your iPhone to click pics, and use your iPad to create your travel stories

Once you’ve gathered everything you need, you’re good to go!

To have a good writing experience, be seated comfortably when you're writing your article.


Jot down bullet points when you're taking breaks in the hiking day. Expand these when you're at your camp site at night.

Create Map Snaps in your app

Map Styles

Adding map snaps of - your place of travel, the route taken to reach base camp, and nearby POIs to visit - are a great way to visually portray where you’ve been.
Add variations to the map displayed – change the map style, change the color or width of route on the Waypoints map. Take a few snaps of the map at various zoom levels - highlight the POIs around you, show the route taken to reach from bus or train station to base camp, and from home to the base camp site.
Search to add annotations on the Waypoints map. Tap to select an annotation and show its details. These too help you highlight your places of visit.

Add ticket stubs and fav pics to narrate your Outdoor Adventure Story

Kids having a fun moment eating ice cream together at outdoor adventure camp
Ticket stub of campsite

Tucking pics of special ticket stubs and fav photos, of POIs visited during your outdoor adventure, into your travel journal is a great way to remember unique experiences you’ve had. Take pictures of the actual tickets of parks/ local train/ bus from local spots you’ve visited, and pamphlets of POIs you visited in your journey (favorite restaurants, breathtaking hiking trails, etc.) to capture the moment in time when they happened.


Include captions with the photos or tickets, so you can look back and easily narrate stories now and in the years to come.

Do a DIY layout of your adventure trip pics, and make a Collage of Photos

As you're looking to preserve your memories from your adventure trip in a fun and creative way, why not try creating a DIY collage in your travel journal!


To create a memorable collage of photos of the places you’ve been, you'd need to take map snaps and photos from each part of your journey, and pin them onto the page of your travel journal. Visit all your favorite map snaps and photos from the trip, and apply adequate brightness, saturation, shadow and any filter effects you like, in your camera roll.


Add these pictures to the Moments Canvas page in the app.

Get creative with your travel journal by adding visual layout to your page. Drag and layout these pictures, to recreate the adventure moments in a sequence. You can pinch-to-enlarge the pics that are the highlights of your trip, to emphasize the very very special moments.

Add thick border Picture Frames, and annotations to your Collaged Photos

Learning Mountain Climbing - a freehand annotated DIY pics collage, made in the app's Moments Canvas

Add colored, thick border picture frames (with a configurable border width) to your pics in the Moments Page canvas. The picture frames are applied evenly around each of the Map snaps and Photos in your collage.

Annotate your pics and build up your travel story:

a) Annotate in freehand, with pencil / pen / monoline pen

b) Annotate in freehand with fountain pen to get Calligraphy effect

c) Annotate by scribbling on floating text panels, to get typed text. The background color could be opaque / translucent / clear

d) Paint a zigzag watercolor thick-stroke, then write over it with Calligraphy fountain pen

Get creative: Write on Photos and Map Snaps, in the Intelligent Shapes PDF Canvas

Send the photos and map snaps, as a background, from the Moments Canvas to the Intelligent Shapes PDF Canvas.


Here you can draw arrows and trail paths in freehand. Draw and pause, to get a magical smooth stroke. Draw a heart on your favorite POI!


Write on, or write across photos and map snaps. Add a one liner to each pic. Or, choose the Fountain pen tool and describe at length - the best moments of your trip - in Calligraphy.

Available shapes on PDF Intelligent Shapes Canvas

Make a digital picture book of your birdwatching trip photos and sketches

Southern double collared sunbird feeding on red hot poker flower
A cardinal sits on a branch with flowers and leaves

When you're looking for a fun way to relive your birdwatching trip memories, why not make a digital picture book of all your bird photos and sketches? Not only is it a great way to showcase your amazing experiences, but it also makes for a wonderful keepsake that you can cherish for years to come.


Creating a picture book is easy. With a DIY pics layout, draw your own doodles, and add captions or notes to accompany each photo. Plus, when you have friends and family over, it's the perfect conversation starter as you share your stories and reminisce about the incredible moments captured in those beautiful pages.


So go ahead, get creative and start compiling your birdwatching trip photos and sketches into a stunning picture book - that will bring back all the excitement and joy of your travels - every time you flip through its pages!

Record Feelings, Memories, and Thoughts Over Time

A boat in a lake with trees and mountains in the background

Travelling not only is an experience, but also induces emotional changes within us - this should be documented in your journals. Make space to record reflections and personal responses to the places you’ve been. Write about how the place made you feel and what it reminded you of. Record memories that you would love to reminisce later - like lively conversations with local folks, or scenic viewpoints you saw on your trip.


Relive the exciting moments and share them with others in a unique and stylish manner. Plus, having all your memories in one place will make it easier for you to revisit them whenever you want. So go ahead, get crafty with your photos and sketches, and create a lasting memento of your unforgettable adventure!

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