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Routespunkt Hiking Grid Diary

Organize your camping gear, and
write your adventure trip stories with elan!

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App Use Cases

Here're potential use cases for this app:

(Next Use Case Article related to Camping will be published after the Widget for Camping Supplies is created and released)


(Currently exploring ideas for an infographic)

A jubilant trekker holding raised trekking poles on a mountain top, with a blue river in the valley below. The snow has melted from portions of the mountains in the background.

Subscription Levels

Features vs. Subscription Levels


Backpacking Trip Planner /

Backpacking Travel Planner /

Thruhiking Trip Planner

March 1, 2023


In a distant future release, the L2 subscription would likely be renamed to L3.

Planning an outdoor Camping trip?

get your Camping Supplies Planner in a Hiking Grid Diary today:

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What's Next!

App Author is exploring WidgetKit to show an informative view into the Camping Supplies for your adventure trip.

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