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Hiking Grid Diary

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Plan and track your Adventure Trip Gear.

Are you a trekking enthusiast who loves to keep track of your camping supplies? This app, as a camping supplies tracker, is the perfect solution for you!


This hiking grid diary lets you keep a streamlined record of your camping supplies. It is designed to be simple yet effective - you can easily add and delete items in your inventory, as well as update their Availability Status.

You get to allocate a budget to each camping gear type, and track it as your trip progresses.


The app also provides helpful reminders to ensure you always have the items you need for a successful camping trip. With this camping gear tracker, you can rest assured that you won't forget any of your camping essentials!

Write Travel Stories with elan!

Reminisce your backpacking adventure travels forever, with this digital travel diary app! This app is a way to capture each of your trips in an easy to use digital medium.


Keep track of your favorite moments with photos, stories, and memories that you can look back on for years to come. Share your experiences with friends and family, to relive the adventure together. Plus, you can quickly search through your diary to find specific memories and trips in no time.


Experience adventure travels like never before, with Routespunkt Hiking Grid Diary app.

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What's next: Watercolor Brush strokes

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b) Prepare subset-list of app's features for WatchKit app

c) Evaluate bringing in colored maps from TomTom Maps SDK. (This'd be a non-tech evaluation)

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