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Hiking Grid Diary

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Hikers who climbed a mountain rock

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People who climb mountains have many adventurous stories to tell..

Digital Dot Grid Notebook

..write your Mountain Climbing Story, today!

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Updates - work in progress - v10

1. Waypoints Page - toolbar layout and related changes, new button to include map annotations and route in map snap.

2. Supplies Status Page - all charts to migrate from deprecated third party framework to SwiftUI based Charts.

3. To Do List - iterative design & development in progress for iOS, iPadOS. This would be likely made available for iOS 17 and beyond.


1. TomTom Maps - with offline maps starting to arrive with iOS 17, and based on topographic maps expected to start arriving with iOS 18, TomTom Maps implementation in this app will not be taken up for now.

This decision will be revisited in the future, to explore colored maps.

Beyond v10

1. Study iOS 18 and make a compatible build.

2. Study advances in iOS 18, to potentially improve Illustration Page.

3. Enhance the Moments Canvas (for all versions of iOS that this app is available on).

4. Create WatchOS app.

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