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Digital Maps FAQs

 How to configure your App at first launch? 

The app can be configured in the Settings pages. 1. Choose to change the app color theme, set your travel mode, type of route, vehicle details 2. Setup up to 20 Contacts in each Contact Group, to have a ready chat-audience, when you chat in Messages (when launched from the Waypoints Page) 3. Set the borders of floating panels, and dots in the dot grid ‍ Once the initial Settings are done, you can proceed to setup your trip's Start and End Points, along with Waypoints. When planning a trip, plan the Camping Supplies required at each Waypoint, in advance

What is the ETA view? 

The ETA view is displayed below the navigation bar in the Waypoints Page. ETA view displays the estimated Time for journey and distance to be covered. On a longer trip, check this view to get updated data about remaining portion of your journey

How to refresh the route with a different color? 

Tap on the Refresh Route button on the navigation bar in the Waypoints Page. This will refresh the displayed route with the next color. If you're also changing the map style, its advisable to first change that and then do this, to see the best effect with contrast

How to change the width of map (in iPad) that appears on the Waypoints page?

Tap on the map width modifier button that's present below the map. On the slider that appears, select the preferred width option. The map route gets refreshed to occupy the new surface area of the map

How to create a route, to go from Point A to B, via Waypoints? 

From Home Page, visit Settings Page. Select mode of travel as Pedestrian, in Route Settings. From Home Page, visit Map Snaps -> Route of Travel. On the Start End Points page, remove all waypoints from previous trip. Select the Start and End points of your route. ‍ Tap on Insert Route Waypoints, to visit Waypoints page. Search for, and add your Waypoint(s). ‍ Note: a) Consider creating a different trip for visit to an island b) Priorly confirm that cell data coverage exists on the route c) During your hike, you can see a current GPS location indicator on the map, along with the route

How to Search and add a Waypoint along a displayed Route? 

Search along a route is available on the Waypoints Page. ‍ The first time you visit this page after creating a new trip, the route is displayed between the Start and End points. ‍ Invoke the Search toolbar by tapping the Search button. You can search for an address or a place of interest, Or a Historical Site, Or Restaurant, Salad Bar, Or Snowboard, Surfboard, Hike... When there are multiple results returned, you'd find that some of these are neatly grouped into numbered circles, the number indicating the number of places that are in the group. Tapping on such a circle will lead to zooming in and you'd find that the tapped circle disappears and a new set of circles or place annotations are displayed from the original tapped-circle's group. ‍ (Pinch gesture is available to zoom the map) To start selecting a displayed place annotation as a Waypoint in your route, tap on it. This brings up an ancillary view with details about this place. Tap on the Add button in the ancillary view. This will add this place as a Waypoint, and the displayed route refreshes accordingly

Which are the map styles available?

There're 2 styles with light background and 2 with dark background

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