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Digital Maps FAQs

Which are the map styles available?

There're 2 styles: a) Standard, b) Hybrid Satellite Each of these is rendered in light or dark mode, based on your device's display setting.

How to refresh the route with a different color?

Tap on the Refresh Route button on the navigation bar in the Waypoints Page. This will refresh the displayed route with the next color. If you're also changing the map style, its advisable to first change that and then do this, to see the best effect with contrast.

How to Search and add Waypoints?

Search within visible region of map is available on the Waypoints Page. ‍ Select the Start and End points, and then the intermediate Waypoints in your preferred sequence of visit. ‍ Invoke the Search toolbar by tapping the Search button. You can search for a POI when you are planning your Trek, or when you're out on the Trail. When there are multiple search results returned, you'd find some of these neatly grouped into numbered circles indicating the number of places that are in the group. Pinch to zoom in and you'd find that the tapped circle disappears and a new set of circles or place annotations are displayed from the original tapped-circle's group. To add a displayed POI pin as a Waypoint in your route, tap on it. This brings up an ancillary view with details about this place. Tap on the Add button in the ancillary view. This will add this place as a Waypoint, and the displayed route refreshes accordingly.

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