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About Us

Who We Are

This app is developed by Sudipto Paul, an individual app developer.


First released in 2021, the motto of the App Developer has been to make Adventure Travel Story writing a creative experience for you.

Start writing your digital Traveler Journal today, and share special moments from your recent Adventure Trip with your friends / family / dear one! 

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Our Mission

Write interesting adventure-trip-stories that take you down memory lane, each time you read them.

The basecamp route planner and the camping supplies planner help you plan ahead, so you can enjoy more on your thruhiking / bikepacking / trekking days.

Illustrate your trip days with sketches and drawings. Pin your favorite Photos and Map-snaps together into a Collage. Annotate with printed text or your own handwriting.

Be ready and spend more time being one with nature!

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Our Journey to Base Camp

Adventure Travel Stories is the center of focus for this app.

With the introduction of Camping Supplies Planner in 2022, this App strives to take you to the heart of Backpacking / Bike Touring / Thru-hiking Adventures.


Right from the planning days, to reaching the Base camp. After enjoying your rock climbing / river kayaking / big wave surfing / snorkeling activities, concluding the Trip by narrating the delightful adventures you have had.

Take a no obligation, free trial today and surprise yourself!

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