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App Functions in Routespunkt Hiking Grid Diary

This app has been designed to help you create a packing list, to go on a backpacking trip. From tent and sleeping bags to cooking utensils and first aid kit, this app ensures you never forget a single item again.

Track the gear you will use and be organized.

Maybe you don't want to carry all stuff on the first day of trip. You'd probably get some stuff from the local stores, at the places you're visiting. You can mark the place and date when you'd be needing each such stuff. And the app will notify you a day before the use date of the stuff. This helps you pack light, and focus on your trip's adventure activities.


At the onset of trip planning, add the points of interest you'd visit (POIs), in the sequence in which you'd visit them, to the Map in the app. The app will then show you a tentative route you can take to visit these places.

On each trip day, take Map Snaps with GPS location marker, to depict these places in your travel story when you write it. You can also search for nearby trails, POIs, restaurants, botanical parks - to get familiar with the place. Talk to the local people to learn more about their culture.

When going to the next POI, you can tap the POI pin in the map and choose to navigate - this hands over the POI location to your device's Maps app. A route is rendered with starting point as your current location, and end point as the POI you're visiting. You'd also get alternate options of the route between these two points.


Take pics at your fav View Points. Apply filters and preview the pics. Save pics with the applied effects you like.


Create mini travel stories based on your trip day adventures and experiences outdoors, and share these on your social network.


Come back to your digital dot grid notebook and travel down memory lane, to reminisce your adventure stories from years gone by!

Here're the functions / features in the App:

Route Planner with Maps and GPS


Group Chat


Photo Filters


Camping Gear Planner and Tracker


Travel Story Illustration


Trip Calendar

This Calendar indicates a day-wise count of:

a) Camping Supplies data for exactly 1 trip, and

b) Travel Story articles for each Adventure trip undertaken so far

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