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App Functions in Routespunkt Hiking Grid Diary

This app has been designed to help you create a packing list, to go on an adventure trip. Track the gear you will use and be organized - this helps you focus on your trip's adventure activities. Create a Route Plan of the places you will visit, as well as take Map Snaps to depict these places in your travel story. Create mini travel stories based on your adventure day experiences outdoors, and share these on your social network. Travel down memory lane, and reminisce your adventure stories from years gone by!

Here're the functions / features in the App:

Camping Gear Planner and Tracker


Group Chat


Trip Calendar

Indicates a day-wise count of:

a) Camping Supplies data for exactly 1 trip, and

b) Travel Story articles data for all trips so far

Route Planner with Maps and GPS


Travel Story Illustration


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