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Photo Filters - Filtered photo output of a single photo taken in the app

Photo Filters

Use Photo Filters to enhance your photos, giving them a unique and aesthetic touch. These can change the color tones, add special effects, or alter the overall mood of the image.


This offers you a creative outlet for self-expression through photography. Experiment with different filters to convey various emotions and atmospheres in your pictures.


For example, a vibrant filter can make a sunny beach scene look more cheerful and inviting, while a black-and-white filter may create a nostalgic vibe, or a creative angle not visible with colors.


Filters can potentially help to hide minor flaws or imperfections in photos, making them more polished and professional-looking. However, it's important to use filters moderately, and in a way that enhances the original image rather than completely altering it beyond recognition.


Add your own personal touch to the digital world!

Take a pic in Routespunkt Hiking Grid Diary, at your fave locations - be it local, or around the world.

Apply and preview a set of filters.

Save the filtered pics that you like, to your camera roll.

You can now add these to the travel log entries in your digital dot grid notebook!

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