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Monthly Calendar for Camping Gear

Camping Gear Calendar

Tracking camping supplies through a calendar can be an efficient and practical way to ensure a hassle-free camping experience.


Firstly, a Calendar allows you to plan and prepare for your trips well in advance. By noting down the necessary supplies and equipment required for each camping adventure on specific dates, you can avoid last-minute rush and ensure that you have everything needed at your disposal.


Listing the required camping supplies for your trip enhances organization and minimizes the chances of forgetting essential items. Using a Calendar to track your camping supplies helps you keep track of supplies required on a particular day – it’s simple, just select a date and filter the calendar for camping supplies, and you get a shortened list of camping supplies for that day.

Routespunkt Hiking Grid Diary has a Calendar, with a monthly view, that shows a count of your Articles and Camping Supply Events for each applicable day in a month.


For each listed camping supply, the app notifies you a day before the expected usage date, so you can plan your activities for the day ahead.

Date Filters

Selecting a day and applying the Article filter takes you to the Illustrate page, showing filtered Articles for that day. From there, you can proceed to edit / view the related travel story Article.

Similarly, applying the Camping Supplies filter takes you to the Camping Supplies page, with the Camping Supplies filtered for that day. From there, you can proceed to edit / track the status of your trip's Camping Supplies.

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