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Group Chat with upto 20 of your Contacts

Group Chat for free - a free feature in the app

In today's digital age, group chats have become an integral part of our lives. From casual conversations to work-related discussions, these chats serve as a platform for people to connect and share information. However, one area where group chats truly shine is during trekking days. They provide an avenue for trekkers to interact, plan, and share their experiences.


Group chats allow trekkers to plan their trips efficiently. Prior to embarking on a trekking adventure, it is crucial to discuss various aspects such as the route, weather conditions, necessary equipment, and safety precautions. With a group chat, all members can contribute their ideas, experiences, and concerns, leading to a comprehensive plan that ensures everyone's safety and enjoyment.


Group chatting during trekking days fosters a sense of camaraderie among participants. Trekking can be physically demanding and mentally challenging, but having others share the journey with you can make it more enjoyable and motivating. Group chats provide an avenue for trekkers to encourage and support one another, boost morale, and celebrate small victories along the way. This creates a strong bond and a supportive community that adds to the overall trekking experience.


Group chats allow trekkers to stay connected during the trek. While trekking, individuals may split into smaller groups or take different routes. However, through a group chat, trekkers can share updates on their progress, share beautiful sights they encounter, and communicate any difficulties they may face. This real-time communication ensures that everyone stays informed and connected, even when physically distant.


Group chatting enables trekkers to exchange valuable information and tips. Each member may have a unique set of skills, experiences, and expertise. Sharing this information can prove invaluable, as it helps others navigate challenges, discover hidden gems, and learn from the collective wisdom of the group. Whether it's advice on dealing with altitude sickness, suggesting the best camping spots, or recommending the most scenic trails, group chats facilitate an exchange of knowledge that enhances the trek planning and trekking experience for all.


Group chats do serve as a source of inspiration and motivation. Trekkers can share pictures, and stories from past trekking adventures, sparking excitement and anticipation for upcoming trips. Members can also share their personal goals, challenges, and achievements, encouraging others to push their limits and experience the thrill of conquering the trekking trail. These shared motivations create a positive environment that drives trekkers to challenge themselves and reach new heights, both physically and mentally.


Group chats can serve as a platform for organizing trekking-related events and activities. From pre-trek get-togethers to post-trek celebrations, trekkers can use the chat to coordinate logistics, plan meals, arrange transportation, and discuss potential activities. These gatherings not only enhance the overall trekking experience but also foster lasting friendships and memories.


Group chatting offers a sense of security and reassurance during trekking days. Participants can share their locations, keep track of one another, and ensure that everyone is safe and accounted for. In case of emergencies or unexpected events, the chat becomes a lifeline for immediate communication and support, potentially saving lives and averting crises.


A Group chat serves as a platform for trekkers to share their experiences and insights. Members can reflect on their trekking journeys, discuss the challenges they faced, and offer advice to future trekkers. This sharing of personal experiences helps others prepare for their own treks, learn from different perspectives, and adapt their plans accordingly.


Group chats create a sense of belonging and community among trekkers. These chats extend beyond the trekking days, allowing participants to stay in touch, organize future trips, and maintain their shared passion for trekking. The connections formed through these group chats can foster a sense of belonging and shared experiences, subsequently leading to lifelong friendships.

Launch your iPhone's default messaging app, to send text message and chat with your group of contacts

Group Chat, in Routespunkt Hiking Grid Diary, can be accessed from the Waypoints Map Page and the Moments Canvas Page in the app. This access point from Moments Canvas Page is available in the free tier of the app's subscription model.

Populating the Contacts to the Group Contacts List is a manual process of typing in each email id. This list is stored in your iCloud drive, separate from your Phone Contacts.

You can build multiple such contacts lists. Each contact list can have upto 20 contacts.


When starting a new group chat, for chatting with a different group than previously selected, simply select the required group from the Settings page.

Upon launching the group chat, the selected list of contacts is pre-populated into the chat, and you can start chatting right away!

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