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Maps Features

Map function lets you search for places that are of interest to you. Be it for your hiking adventure, or going to Basecamp for a multi-day trek, you can search for the place by its name or by its POI (point of interest) category. For example, you could search for - Bwindi Impenetrable Forest - a trail in Uganda.


When you Search for a place name, potentially many results are shown. You need to narrow down and choose one from amongst this set. Select each place annotation having a relevant name, to view its address details. When the place annotation seems like the one you wish to visit, simply add it as a Start Point / an End Point / an intermediate Waypoint in your trip route. Repeat this process and add all the POIs of your trip to the route.


You'd first add a Start Point annotation.

Next, you'd add an End Point annotation, and this displays a route.

Then you'd add one or more Waypoints annotations - each time the route is refreshed to include the newly added Waypoint.

The latest active Search is automatically re-invoked when you pan the map (press the surface of the map, and move it to reveal another region in the map). As a result, new place annotations are shown in the visible region of the Map. You can add pins you find interesting as Waypoints to visit. Auto-search is turned off when you are done adding Waypoints, when you press the button to clear the displayed annotations.

At each Waypoint, you can search for POIs around the place. Perform Search on say handicraft or flower exhibition or botanical garden, then pan and zoom to your region of choice, select the annotation of place to visit, then choose to navigate there. Visiting local POIs let’s you chat with the locals, and experience and gain a perspective on the local culture. This is indeed the rich information you want to build your travel stories around, as you journal the places visited, and your activities, thoughts, and emotions from each day. Do highlight the fun moments, as well as new things you learnt to do, new experiences you never had before, and of course, all the adventure moments. Do mention the season, the weather and the time of day at the POI you visited.

Invoking Navigation

On trip day, you could tap a Waypoint, and choose to navigate to this POI, from your current location on that day. Choosing to do this launches your device’s Map app with a route, having your current location as the Start Point and the selected POI as the End Point of the route.


Map Snapshot

Map snapshots help you put a piece of your adventure journey, as a journal entry. Add these snapshots to your travel story article, in the Moments Canvas. Add suitable captions, doodles beside the map snap frame. Or carry the article, as a background, over to the PDF Intelligent Shapes Canvas, and write over / across the Map snap!

You could invoke creation of a Map Snapshot in two ways.

a) Map snap with no route or added POI annotations displayed:

Press the map's button for taking snapshot and proceed from there.

b) Map snap with all annotations displayed:

Take a device screenshot and crop it suitably.

What features are available in my device's Maps app?

All the features of the Maps app available in your region, on the latest version of OS, can be found in the Maps section here:

Offline Maps is available in some regions, for iOS 17 and later.

Read more about how to download, and related Settings:

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