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Features Snapshot

1. Camping Supplies Planner

  1. Make an elaborate bucket list of gear required for your upcoming hiking trip

  2. Add a Camping Gear, associated to a place of visit (Waypoint)

  3. Select date when this would be required in the trip, and be notified a day prior

  4. Decide on gear acquisition - whether its to be carried from home/ to be rented/ to be bought

  5. Track the availability status of gear. Where applicable, follow-up and progress the status as the trip start date draws near

  6. On the Waypoints Map, add the gear rental shop as a Waypoint. Collect the gear on the way to your hiking basecamp

  7. View Summary status of gear supplies during your hiking days

  8. You could choose to track gear expenses against a budget

  9. For rented gear, tally the returned gear count

Use this app as a backpacker's packing list maker, and a camper's journal.

2. Maps

  1. Select mode of travel - Automobile/ Pedestrian

  2. Search and add Start Point, End Point and one or more POIs

  3. Neat grouping of Search Results

  4. Continuous search in panned map region, till you remove unused search results and search for next POI

  5. Center to your current location

  6. Center to the region including the Route of your Trip

  7. Change map style

  8. Change Width of drawn route

  9. Change Color of drawn route

  10. Take snapshots of map regions. Pin these (as floating image panels), as well as adventure trip photos from your camera roll, to the Moments Canvas

3. Photo Filters

  1. Click a Pic

  2. Apply and preview Filters

5. Canvas

5.1. Moments Canvas

  1. Draw an illustration of the mountain top view from your hiking trip

  2. Zoom in up to 5x, to draw those intricate details

  3. Bring your own background image to the Canvas

  4. Use the Dot Grid to align the photos and map snaps

  5. If you'd like to keep a Dot Grid Notebook, you can choose to change the color/ thickness/ spacing of the dots, and send this to the Intelligent Shapes Canvas

  6. Make a Collage of photos with colored borders

  7. Use thick border around pictures - so this could be your brown frame maker, or a black or even a golden frame maker

  8. Send the contents of Moments Canvas, as a background, to the Intelligent Shapes Canvas

5.1.1. Core Drawing Tool Box

  1. Sketch your adventure trip experiences using the Pencil tool from Core Drawing tool box

  2. Draw line art in black using the Pen tool

  3. Highlight an area using the Highlighter tool

  4. Choose a color for your Pencil/ Pen/ Highlighter stroke

  5. Choose a translucence value for the Pencil/ Pen/ Highlighter stroke

  6. Erase, Undo, Redo the drawn strokes

  7. Write in your own handwriting, using Apple Pencil

5.1.2. Auxiliary Tool Box

  1. Add a blur/ translucence/ grey scale effect to the Canvas background

  2. Toggle ON the Dot Grid and use the Ruler to draw tables - to follow your preferred Journaling conventions for planning and tracking your trip day activities

  3. Add a Floating text panel to Moments Canvas

  4. Add a Floating Image panel to Moments Canvas

  5. After editing, you can remove the Dot Grid

  6. Swap a different color background for the Moments Canvas

  7. Export as Pdf or Image, to a structured directory in iCloud drive

5.1.3. Floating Text Pane

4. Group Chat

  1. Add upto 20 Contacts in a Contact Group

  2. Have a separate Contacts Group for each backpacking trip

  3. Select a Contact Group for current trip

  4. Invoke group chat from Waypoints Map page or Moments Canvas page. This loads the chat window with all contacts from the selected group

  1. Type or Scribble on Floating text panel to write text in it

  2. Tap the panel and the keyboard appears

  3. On your iPad, Pinch on the keyboard to make it smaller. Move keyboard beside each text panel, tap the panel and type text into it

  4. Double tap on text panel to show action buttons and 4 corner handles

  5. Drag any of the corner handles to resize

  6. Select translucence for Floating text panel background

5.1.4. Floating Image Pane

  1. Pin a map snap/ photo from your camera roll to Moments Canvas, using a Floating Image panel

5.1.5. Floating Panel Gestures

Gestures available on the Floating panes are listed here:

5.2. Intelligent Shapes Canvas

  1. Draw-and-hold to add line shapes with smooth strokes

  2. Annotate the PDF in the Intelligent Shapes Canvas

  3. Write on map snaps or photos

  4. Write across map snaps or photos

  5. On an iPad, you could make a compilation of PDFs belonging to a Subjects folder - this could be your album of pics for a trip

Browse / Search Articles

Article files could be browsed by the 3-level folder structure in which they reside:

Genre / Subject / Topic

In 2023, a Search Article feature has been added, that:

  1. Lets you retrieve Articles from across the folder structure

  2. Is based on the content of Floating Text Panes (annotations) in the Article files

  3. Is available in the free tier of the app

Badge - New Feature

Journal your hiking diary in creative ways.

Sketch your adventure trip's cherished moments into digital art.

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