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Privacy Policy of
Routespunkt Hiking Grid Diary

Please find the Privacy Policy of the App, here:

How is your data used?

Email field in the app Settings page is optional.
Should you choose to use the field, the data is stored in your device.

The Contact Groups and Contacts information therein, are optional.
Should you choose to use these fields (for group chat), the data is stored on your iCloud drive.


Articles created in:

a) Moments Canvas and

b) Intelligent Shapes PDF Canvas

are stored on your iCloud drive.

The App uses various third party integrations to provide its functions.

Privacy Policies of various SDKs/integrations used in the App are:

1. Purchases SDK:

Specifically, the portions related to "following information regarding your end users may be received and processed by us", "Where we store your information", "Data processed on behalf of our Customers" are applicable to your data.

2. Third party service providers for this website:

a) Google Fonts:

b) iubenda - host of [Privacy], [Terms and Conditions] and [Cookie] Policies:

c) stores the Cookie Consent Logs

d) Pinterest:

e) Flipboard:

f) Microsoft Clarity:

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