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Journal your hiking adventure day in a short story with illustration.

The App has two Canvases where you can create your Hiking Story Article pages, and make a memorable digital travel journal.

1. Moments Canvas

Illustrate your travel story in handwriting, sketches, map snaps and pics.

Take a DIY approach and adopt a free layout for a collection of your fav moments.

Add Calligraphic annotations, and draw doodles to give a creative touch to your travel notebook!

Reiterating the subscription requirement from the Features vs. Subscription Levels Page, here're the applicable features:

a) Apply a Color to Canvas Background

b) Paste Image to Canvas Background

c) Apply Blur filter to Canvas Background

d) Apply Grey scale filter to Canvas Background

2. Intelligent Shapes PDF Canvas

Annotate your adventure travel pics and map snaps, by writing on or across them.

Draw doodles in the empty spaces of your article, or on the thick border frames of your collaged pics.


Illustration Features


Write your Travel Story on the Canvas:
o Draw a doodle, sketch and shade a scenery, or create a
full-page illustration to highlight Moments in your story
o Pinch out with 2 fingers, to zoom in, and draw those intricate details,

o Pin multiple Map snaps and memorable Photos to your Hiking Diary’s Moments Canvas,

o Annotate by adding floating text panes,

o Select a background color for the Canvas, to match the mood of your travel story.

When ready, send the contents of the Moments Canvas to the PDF Canvas. Draw-and-hold on this Canvas to add intelligent shapes:

o Draw the Sun and clouds in the Summer day sky, or

o Draw the Moon and stars in the night sky!

Plan your travel itinerary using your own Journaling conventions.

A Dotted Grid as a visual aid

Turn on the dotted grid in Moments Canvas, to aid your travel planning and journaling. Then send to Intelligent Shapes Canvas and draw a table in freehand for your trip’s daily or weekly spread.

On trip days:

o write about the place of visit,

o write about the nearby POIs you visit,

o write about your activities,

o track your habits,

o note the gratitude points learnt from people you meet, and

o draw your mood smiley!

Article Storage

‍The Article files created are stored in your iCloud drive in a 3-level folder structure:

Genre folder / Subject folder / Topic folder / Article file

Export the Moments Canvas Article as PDF, to a structured directory in your device, or on your iCloud drive.


On an iPad, you can collate all PDF Articles contained in all Topic folders under chosen Subject folder, into a single PDF.


If you prefer a flat-structure (rather than a book-structure) for your Travel Story Article pages, you can add new pages to the same PDF document.

1. Hiking Notes

Narrate your stories about each day's biking / hiking experience. Pin map snaps of places visited in the trip. Annotate and highlight your special moments from the trip

3. Configurable Dot Grid

Toggle the Dot Grid ON. Dot thickness and color are configurable in Canvas Settings. The grid can be carried over to the PDF Canvas as background. In Moments Canvas, you can toggle the grid off. However, this won't reflect in the done work in PDF canvas. Sending a fresh background from Moments Canvas overwrites any existing content in PDF Canvas.

5. Sketch / Draw

Draw on dots-aided or blank Canvas. 1. Draw with pen/ sketch with pencil 2. Use lasso to select and copy. Now paste multiple times. (Does not apply to Floating panels) 3. Use eraser to erase a selected drawn object, or to erase pixels. (Does not apply to Floating panels - each can be deleted using on-panel delete button) 4. Use the Clean Canvas button at top right of the Moments Canvas page, to clear the open Canvas's contents (including Floating panels and drawings)

7. Floating Image / Photo Panels

In Moments Canvas, bring in Map snaps / Photos of your trip (from camera roll folder), on to the drawing canvas. ‍ Move, rotate or enlarge as per your story

9. Save to iCloud Drive

Keep composing your story. Take breaks to ideate about punchlines. ‍ Remember to press the Save Drawing button (floating panels are also saved). ‍ Come back the next day to continue where you left off

11. Export to PDF format

Export each composed story, from the Moments Canvas to the Intelligent Shapes Canvas, as a PDF. Share via email. Note: PDF (either individually or as a collection) is the recommended format of storage of Articles, once your editing is complete in all ways

13. On iPad - Collate a PDF collection of stories

Select a level-2 (Subject) Directory and Generate a single PDF that collates the existing exported PDFs of your story Articles

2. Your own Canvas background

In Moments Canvas, explore your preferred style, bring in your art piece as a background. ‍ Blur the background to put focus on doodles. Or apply the grey filter and reduce alpha to trace a scenery

4. Freehand writing

Choose the Pen tool, and select the color of stroke. ‍ Write your story in freehand. Draw line art with a different thickness of the pen. Or choose the pencil tool for lines with a bit of texture. Or choose the monoline pen tool to get uniform stroke width. Use the highlighter tool to highlight any specific region. Use the fountain pen tool to write in Calligraphy. You write in a straight horizontal line, but sometimes it ends up at 15 degrees to the horizon? Use the lasso to select a word and move it around in the canvas!

6. Floating Plain-Text Panels

In Moments Canvas, Scribble / Type into floating plain-text boxes. Describe an image/photo, or write about a place you visited. The text content of a text pane is searchable from the Illustrate Page. Add color to font or to panel background. ‍ Move, rotate or enlarge (scale / resize) as per your story. Update the text size of an enlarged panel, to match (or to differ) with neighboring panels. Use a different font for pic heading / title, vs. description text

8. 3-level Directory structure

Create your hiking story in 3-level Directory structure, and keep your stories organized

10. Export to Image format

In Moments Canvas, export your Story Article as an Image. Share to your social network

12. Create symmetric / smooth-stroked shapes

In the PDF Intelligent Shapes Canvas, draw-and-hold to create symmetric or smooth-stroked shapes. Saying done on this Canvas saves the Article with .pdf extension

14. Add next page to a PDF

Additional page/s can be added to PDF, in the Intelligent Shapes Canvas. Open the page thumbnails view in Intelligent Shapes Canvas. Tap to select a page. Tap on the 3-dotted button and choose to Insert from File. Select an image file or a PDF to import. This will import the entire file content into the open Canvas. Now, using the page thumbnails view, you can select and delete individual pages that you do not need.

A person is sketching fav moments from her Adventure Trek Trip, to illustrate in her digital travel journal

Illustrating your adventure trek, with watercolor painting in your digital travel journal

When it comes to capturing moments of serenity during treks, there's no better way to bring them to life than through the art of watercolor painting.


With a digital travel journal, you have a convenient platform that allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and soothingly illustrate your travel experiences. The gentle strokes of a digital brush against the digital canvas perfectly replicates the ethereal quality of watercolors, effortlessly creating tranquil landscapes or calming seascapes.


Whether it's a serene mountain peak surrounded by mist, or a peaceful lakeside scene bathed in warm sunlight, a digital travel journal provides a relaxing outlet for the artist in you, to convey your most cherished memories. Each stroke holds in it not only vivid hues, but also a deep emotional connection encapsulating your experience - thus allowing others to journey along with you.


Soothing and therapeutic, digital watercolor paintings in a travel journal become not just beautiful images, but gateways into moments of tranquility, for both the artist and those who view their work.

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