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App Tour

Here're the functions / features in the App:

Take a tour of Routespunkt Hiking Grid Diary:

App version 8.1.0 - Edit an existing Camping Supply


1min : 59s

App version 7.0.0 - Trace a scene on Canvas


9min : 12s

App version 6.0.01 - Offline flow

This assumes that a Route was already created when online.


In offline mode, you can:

a) Add/edit a Camping Supply.

b) Change the availability status of a supply.

c) Add/edit an Article.

2min : 39s

App version 8.1.0 - Search Articles' floating text panes content


1min : 22s

App version 7.0.0 - Add a floating Text Pane to Canvas

Laying out / editing the floating text panes can be easier with a smaller keyboard size in iPad.


Please see this Article:

Use the floating keyboard on your iPad

3min : 58s

App version 8.2.2 - Subscribe to Camping Supplies Planner


2min : 29s

App version 8.0.0 -
Article Thumbnail - Scroll to view very long Title of Article - Delete Article


2min : 57s

App version 7.0.0 - View Charts of Summary of Camping Supplies



App version 7.0.0 - Migrate a Contacts Group

Once migration is done, please individually select each legacy Contact Group and Delete it.


For a description of the pages in the App, please continue here:

Floating Panel Gestures

Gestures available on the Floating panes are listed here:

Historical Tour of App in Pics

Take a tour of the historical app preview screens here:

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