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Camping Supplies Planner

Get your adventure trip organized with the Routespunkt Hiking Grid Diary app.

Make a Bucket List of Camping Gear for your upcoming trip. Track the status of each camping gear to ensure its available to you on the expected date, at the expected place.

Plan and track your list of gear for:

a) Total budget vs. expense

b) Status of availability

c) Returned status of rentals

Price Comparo
Camping Supplies Price Comparison Chart
Availability Status of Supplies
Availability Status of Camping Supplies
Return Status of Rentals
ReturnStatusOfRentals-Camping Supplies Planner.JPG
Legend of abbreviations used for the Camping Supplies Charts
Three persons are setting up camp in the evening. First person is setting up a tent, second one is sizing pieces of firewood with an axe, and the third one is unloading camping supplies from the car. The camp is being set up near the entrance of a forest. A few camping chairs have been put around a pile of wood. They are getting ready to light a bonfire.

Camping Supplies Planner, and a Camping Gear List to make

Create a packing list of Camping Supplies, to plan and track the required gear for your upcoming adventure trip.

For a new trip, tap the Delete All Supplies button to clear off data from any previous trip. (Note: This app is designed to store camping supply details for exactly 1 trip at a time.)

Keep adding each required Supply, to make your camping supplies list.

A Supply is to be associated with a Waypoint where it'd be required.
The system uses the expected date when you need the Supply, to send you a notification a day prior.

Lifecycle states have been defined for a Supply to give you an idea of where their availability stands. (Note: This app is only a tracker and you'd likely need to speak to the gear shop customer desk/the rental place, to confirm/reserve availability).

A simple total budget tracker is available, and it's based on the quantity and price of each Supply.
For example if you buy mineral water bottles for a 2 day trip - say 4 for day 1, and 5 for day 2 - the total budgeted price would be 9 times the unit price of a bottle.

Once the Camping Supplies list is ready with all the supplies you require for your next trip, you can refer to the visual charts in the Summary of Supplies.

When the supplies list grows big for a trip, you can use the date based filtering to show a smaller list.

1. Create List of Supplies

Add Camping Gear for your hike, in advance. Choose from a list of gear categories. Make the list with enough gear, so you enjoy your trip. Worried about too much stuff to carry? If you are a beginner, you might find the Hiking Inspo on Pinterest useful.. If you're venturing out for a strenuous one after a long gap, do start relevant exercises 2 months in advance.

3. Track availability of Supply

Once your packing list is ready, start packing. Update the status to Available, as you progress. Based on your advanced-booking of camping gear from gear shop/s, decide which ones you want to get on the way to your trekking camp, and which ones you want to get before. Think about which ones to rent and which ones to buy.

5. Track your Trip Budget

Keep updating the quantity and price of each supply, to build a budgeted vs actuals comparison. This is shown visually in the Price Comparo Chart, in Supplies Status Page

2. Create a Camping Supply

1. Associate Camping Supply to Waypoint 2. Mention Date when Camping Supply is expected 3. Categorize Camping Supply 4. Mention Quantity of the Supply required 5. Mention Price of Supply, if any 6. Status of Availability - Defaults to Scheduled

4. Filter by Date

‍The Camping Supplies list can be filtered by Date - when you have many items on the list, spanning across days. Do remember to clean up supplies from your previous trip, so the new list is always applicable to the upcoming trip, and you update these items for availability

Read on, to know more about illustrating your adventure story in a Camping Journal:

A traveler is sitting atop a rock at the summit of the Doi Pha Mon Mountains at Chiang Rai, Thailand. She is holding a camera to her eyes, and taking photos of the early morning scenery at the viewpoint. Its golden hour and the sun's first rays are beginning to light up a blanket of clouds down below. A few mountain peaks are peeping up from the cloud cover, to greet the traveler.
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